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This is not your typical bicycle tour!!

We love what we do, and the experience is full of memories that will last a lifetime.  We welcome and encourage new members from all agencies, survivors and civilian supporters.


It is a physically challenging and demanding event for both riders and support. Riders need to train and prepare for 250+ miles over three days. We have hills, and ride in a group formation. We are up early and end late. We pitch in and help each other out. We clean up our messes. We rely on jurisdictions to provide us with rest stops, road escorts, blocks and memorial stops so we want to be respectful and thankful for them. 


We try and do what is best for the entire organization, not just a few individuals. We try to save funds wherever possible. This means it is an arduous journey not a vacation- we rough it! We ride in the rain, heat, and cold. We share hotel rooms (2 participants to a room), or you can purchase your own through us but even that is limited. We rely on food and hydration donations, and are happy to take what we can get.


Donations dictate the budget and operations of the ride. There are some things that are beyond our control when moving 500+ people through multiple cities and 250+ miles; such as permits, procession capacity, or parking restrictions.  Each year we learn something new, and do our best to apply lessons learned.  During the ride itself we ask that you make new friends, encourage each other, learn the stories behind each participant, attend the memorial stops, be safe, follow directions, have some fun, be flexible to change, make some memories, and remember why we are doing this.


Sound like it is for you?

The Ride dates are always the same regardless of what day of the week it is on. Check-in is May 9th. Ride Dates are May 10-12th and Check-out is on May 14th. Membership, event registration, and Fundraising are all part of our requierments to participated.

You can learn more about participation eligibility by clicking here

There are 3 Road to Hope Bicycle Ride Events and our LEU Ruff Ride, and our newest Tough Ride that arrive in DC to kick off Police Week Each Year.

  • Road to Hope VA Division, Chesapeake, VA to Washington, D.C.

  • Road to Hope PA Division, Reading, PA to Washington, D.C.

  • Road to Hope NJ Division, Atlantic City, NJ to Washington, D.C.

  • LEU Ruff Ride, Cumberland MD to Washington, D.C.

  • LEU Tough Ride, Roanoke VA to Washington, D.C.


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